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Certified High and Low-Pressure Water-mist Installer Scheme

IFC Certification Ltd (International Fire Consultants are a UKAS accredited and internationally recognised provider of high-quality independent third-party installation certification. Xcell Misting has become one of the first UK-based companies to hold installer certification for both high and low-pressure water mist systems. At Xcell Misting, we have always strived to ensure that we provide the […]

Fire suppression News

Is your Water Mist system regularly serviced? Your factory could be at risk.

Industrial fryers and other heat-producing equipment should have their fire suppression not only designed correctly but also maintained to a high standard. Servicing water mist correctly requires specialist high-pressure cleaning equipment, skill, nozzle flow, and spray angle information. This ensures nozzles and systems are operating at the correct pressure, flow, and spray angles. After a […]