The Wee Choo – Choo

The Wee Choo – Choo

Transforming History: The Train from Mission: Impossible

Our client had the imaginative idea of bringing back to life the train which was used in filming the epic train scene in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One where Tom Cruise is filmed on its roof in Norway. Fast forward and our client has brought the train back to life in the form of a Thai Restaurant in the picturesque village of Pitlochry, Scotland. However, due to it being located right beside the railway lines property there were building control regulations in place that had to be adhered to, including a suitable fire suppression system to mitigate the risk of any fires from crossing onto their property.

Custom Fire Suppression Solution

Xcell Misting were able to design a unique fire suppression system which would work around the clients spacing constraints and remain as discreet as possible, out of view of customers.

Collaborative Design and Engineering

Collaborating with the client, we were able to design a water tank and a bespoke high-pressure pump set which would fit underneath the entrance walk in platform and have taken into consideration ease of access for future serviceability. For example, we built a unique frame for the pump set at our in-house workshop, allowing it to be wheeled out of its containment and we used convoluted flexes to the tank so that it stays connected whilst any service or remedial work is carried out. An added advantage to this is that the convoluted flex hoses don’t degrade and do not require changing for 8 years.

Precision Installation for Effective Suppression

Within the carriage, we customised the design to incorporate flexi hose connections between the nozzles to allow installation in the tight spacing in the roof void above.

Comprehensive Security Measures

Along with the fire suppression system we have installed a burglar alarm and all-round CCTV providing 24/7 remote protection for the businesses premises.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

This is just a snippet of how Xcell Misting will work with you to engineer a unique system whether it be fire suppression, detection, or security to your needs to ensure your business stays protected. Xcell Misting will also work with you to ensure that the package you go for is affordable by offering a range of financing options to suit you. The financing option comes with the benefit of owning the system at the end of the lease for a small nominal fee as well as including all future servicing costs.