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Project Success At Celsa Manufacturing

August 1, 2023
Project Success At Celsa Manufacturing

Having recently completed 3 projects at the Celsa Manufacturing (Section Mill site) in Cardiff South Wales, namely:

  • Lube Oil Tanks HPWM Valued at £76,612.70
  • Factory-wide FA upgrade (Phase 1) valued at £69,153
  • Factory-wide CCTV upgrade valued at £54,999.44


Xcell Misting – South West Office have been successful with the Technical Submittal and Quotation for the HWPM System, for Celsa Manufacturing (Roll Bar Mill site), also in Cardiff.

Phase 1 of the current project award is worth a total £880,412.00 and Xcell Misting has officially been issued the phase 1 order for the initial 400m 25mm main feed, Ultra-fog Pump Set and 6000 litre Tank which will eventually cover a total of 33 different Risk areas.

Additionally, Xcell Misting has been requested to quote for additional Risk areas comprising 14 Transformer Rooms, 2 Switch Rooms and a main Substation on the same site. The Project value of the additional risk areas is £665,825.00.

Two years of dedication and negotiations will come to fruition when XCell Misting are awarded all 3 phases, with a total project value of £1,546,237.00. Phase 1 is already underway!

The above success and technical submittals and quotations have been compiled and presented by the combined efforts of Fernando de Carvalho and Alex Smith.

Watch this space!

Xcell Misting was successful in this order through the use of Ultra Fog high-pressure water technology.


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