Bespoke Services & R&D

Bespoke Services & R&D

Bespoke Engineering Solutions
Innovative Design and Development

Xcell Misting Ltd Innovation’s Engineering Department offers technical and bespoke engineering services for any project specific requirement from concept design to the delivery of complete turnkey projects.

All engineering design is performed on Soldworks and AutoCAD other design packages can be subjected to third party design verification. Xcell Ltd Innovation have a successful track record of assisting clients with varied one-off design and build projects.

All designs are subjected to simulated workshop testing and service engineers are available to install and commission the equipment.

Four examples of one-off design and build projects are shown illustrated below:

  • Battery powered medium pressure pumps
  • Chimney Fire extinguishing system
  • Anti-ligature prison nozzle
  • Sauna fire suppression

Project Case Studies

Xcell Misting Ltd Innovations have worked with many clients on a wide range of engineering projects. It is not unusual for there to be several interlinked suppliers working in tandem to deliver projects, often in extreme environments, with challenging timescales.

Xcell Ltd Innovation’s precise project management and management reporting systems ensure that given any combination of suppliers that everyone is kept in the loop, especially the client. Projects that have interdependencies in terms of timescales are all protected by constant monitoring of the progress of all interconnected parties.

As a leading supplier of design and installation of fire equipment and services to the UK & international markets, Xcell Ltd Innovation are committed to providing systems in compliance with Quality Management standards.

Management system standard: BS-EN-ISO 9001:2015

  • Accredited by BSI
  • Certificate number: FS 63337

Project Case Studies

  • MPWM suppression nozzles
  • Heat probe calibrated tester
  • Battery powered hose reel
  • HPWM hose reel
  • IP rated Callpoint covers
  • Tunnel Bridge Head LPWM
  • Kiosk Fire Suppression System
  • Car fire MPWM Lance
  • Thatch roof protection nozzle
  • Windfarm & Renewable Energy HPWM
  • High level Nozzle special access device
Fogtec Nozel
Ultra Fog Nozzels
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