Water Mist

Water Mist

Preventing Excessive Damage from Fires

Water mist suppression and extinguishing systems are available in a range of pressures and droplet sizes with the market experiencing significant growth.

We design, supply, install and service a comprehensive range of water based fire protection systems with operating pressures designed and tested for specific risks.

Fryer Fire test wth Water Mist

Fryer Fire test wth Water Mist

Reasons for choosing water mist

The recent rise in the interest and use of water mist fire suppression systems in the UK is due to the many advantages over other fire suppression systems. Theadvantages of water mist include: … No risk of asphyxiation as with gas fire suppression. Less damage to property than sprinklers and easier to clean up. Smaller plant, smaller pipe sizes and less stored water.

How does water mist work?

The cooling power of Mist Systems is based on the process of atomizing water droplets to a size that can quickly evaporate. Water is forced through a specially designed high pressure nozzle to create a fine mist that rapidly absorbs heat and cools surrounding air as it evaporates.

How do you choose the appropriate system?

Engage with skilled company, systems designer and or fire consultant
Undertake building or object risk analysis you wish to protect
Select the system that meets all the requirements of the risk analysis & the relevant British and manufactures standards
Get the AHJ (Authority having jurisdiction) to sign off the design prior to placing orders

What are these water mist standard about?

The BS 8489 & BS8458 series of standards grew out of Drafts for Development (DD) and provides essential guidance to those involved in fire safety. This first part of BS 8458 & BS 8489 gives recommendations for the specific design and installation of industrial and commercial water mist systems.

Who are these standards for?

  • AHJ (Authority having Jurisdiction)
  • Anyone involved in the fire engineering community
  • Manufacturers, designers and installers of water mist systems
  • Specifiers
  • Regulators
  • Insurers

Why should you use these standards?

BS 8489-1 provides a structured approach and guidelines for designing and installing fixed water mist systems, outlining specific industrial and commercial fire hazards and helping to protect both life and property.

The BS 8489 series uses a structured approach to the selection, application and deployment of water mist systems in buildings. They help assist the fire engineering community in formulating fire-fighting strategies for the protection of buildings and complement the guidance provided in BS 5306-0 Fire protection installations and equipment on premises. Guide for selection of installed systems and other fire equipment.


What’s changed since the last update?

BS 8489-1 is a full revision of the Draft for Development and includes the following principal changes:

  • Guidance on areas of operation
  • Guidance on the effective capacity of tank
  • Extension of scope of application to cover more areas in buildings when supported by test standards produced by other organizations
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