Is your Water Mist system regularly serviced? Your factory could be at risk.

Industrial fryers and other heat-producing equipment should have their fire suppression not only designed correctly but also maintained to a high standard. Servicing water mist correctly requires specialist high-pressure cleaning equipment, skill, nozzle flow, and spray angle information. This ensures nozzles and systems are operating at the correct pressure, flow, and spray angles.

After a fire, many businesses never entirely recover – losing orders, contracts, key employees or may go out of business resulting in lost jobs and services to the community.

We believe that Water Mist systems paired with a professional installation can act as the ultimate last line defense system to protect your business assets. It is essential that regular servicing of this equipment is maintained to ensure maximum protection and performance.

Before & after servicing

Take a look at a video shot by one of our trained service engineers, showing the difference between a fryer before and after servicing:

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